CSF Board Members

Bill WarrenBill Warren – Chair

Bill Warren retired to Prescott in 1995 from Los Angeles where Bill practiced architecture. He is a member of First Baptist Church of Prescott. He believes that supporting Christian students through scholarships seemed like a natural thing to do. Serving on the Christian Scholarship Foundation board has been one of the most personally gratifying ventures he has ever pursued.

Charlie Taylor – Secretary

Charlie is an Arizona native, born in Flagstaff, moving to Prescott in 1949. Charlie served as an Army Infantry officer in Vietnam and earned two Purple Hearts. Since 1969, Charlie has been a prominent financial adviser in Prescott. He attends Skull Valley Bible Church.

Bill Patrick – Treasurer

Bill moved to Prescott Valley in 2011 after retiring as a budget analyst from the State of Arizona. He is a member of First Baptist Church of Prescott where he served as an accountant for seven years. He currently serves as the Treasurer for First Baptist. Helping children to get a good education in a Christian environment encouraged him to serve on the board of CSF.



Peter Grey

Peter Grey retired from being a research scientist in New Jersey to Prescott in 1997. He is a member of First Baptist Church where he is involved in Sunday School teaching. His passion is missions and he considers his tenure on the CSF Board as a missionary project in giving children the opportunity for a faith-based education and to believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Crystal Ryerson

Crystal Ryerson moved to Prescott with her husband Tim in the early 1980’s after 25 years with Seitz Office Products as co-owner. Currently, Crystal is a co-owner with Tim of an e-commerce marketing business. Crystal and Tim founded and direct CTM Kayaking Ministry at Heights Church. Crystal believes the Christian Scholarship Foundation is an excellent resource for families in Prescott to provide their children with a quality education based on strong Christian values.

Hope Engle

Hope is a native of Arizona, born in Phoenix. She moved to Prescott after working in the financial industry in Phoenix for over forty years. Hope was employed by a local Bank in Prescott for six more years. In 2004 she retired. Hope is a member of First Baptist Church of Prescott.

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