Trinity Christian School Parent Testimonials

Trinity has come alongside what we are enforcing in our daughter’s home life—Jesus first!   Praising God for providing a way through tax credit monies and scholarships for her to attend Trinity Christian!
D.M., parent of a 1st grader


I am deeply grateful for the quality mentorship-relationship my 10th-grade son has with his teachers.  They try to build him as a whole, not just as a geometry student or a Spanish student.   They watch his growth, attitudes, friendships -everyone’s feeding into him.  Over this the past year, there have been marked changes in his growth.

Something else I appreciate is his friendships.  They’re fun and whole.  Sometimes they push the envelope, but in a fun way and loving way, they hold each other to a higher standard.
T.G., parent of a 10th grader


We had tried public school and had many issues.  This is why we sought out a Christian school.  We considered Trinity for a couple of reasons.  First, they offer K-12 schooling.  We also wanted a Christian school that would teach what we teach at home.  We base every decision in our family on what the Bible says.   After touring the school and meeting some staff and parents, we knew Trinity was the perfect school for our children.  Trinity is an amazing school where not only the kids feel welcome, but the parents as well!
J & A, parents of 1st and 5th graders


Our daughter has grown immensely since attending Trinity.  Before, she used to be shy and introverted.  But now, through Trinity’s challenging and supportive educational process, she has blossomed into a very outgoing, helpful young lady.
R., father of an 8th grader


Three reasons I love Trinity:

  • The logic courses that teach my children how to think, rather than what to think so they will be able to have a basis for rational thought and making good choices. The Latin courses that help them understand language basics that are the foundation for so much learning.
  • The great teachers and other staff that provide Godly influences in my kids’ lives as examples
  • The awesome Bible training and in-depth college-level thought that my kids are challenged within Bible class and through journaling

C.R., mother of a 4th and an 8th grader


I never realized what a “limited” education our children were getting in public education and the indoctrination they were getting until we switched to Trinity Christian School.   We’re very impressed with the staff’s individual attention and caring for our child.   We’re extremely impressed with the way all the children respond to staff leadership and the respect the children have for adults.
J &W, parents of a 6th grader


Our high school daughter is receiving a classical, Christ-centered education that is preparing her for college and beyond.  The classical model encourages debate that fosters critical thinking and problem-solving.  Her teachers are readily available to answer questions.  She has been able to play varsity sports, participate in various social activities, and volunteer her time and energy on local mission trips with her classmates.
J.D., mother of a 10th grader


My husband and I would say that Trinity’s kindergarten program has been an extension of our home.  It’s provided a close-knit, family atmosphere in which she’s been able to blossom intellectually, socially, and most importantly, spiritually.  We couldn’t be happier with the Christian-based values that are integrated throughout her school experience.  Her smiles and excitement when sharing about her school day are a true testimony to the goodness-of-fit Trinity has been for our daughter, as well as our family.
C.G., mother of a kindergartener

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